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Entry level price

We are pleased to present our Budget Entry Package.

If you’re on a budget but still need a web presence, we can help!

Our “Entry Level" website is specially ideal for small business, community groups or non profit organizations who need to get their programs and information out there. Short term family and public events, such as program/project sites or even family websites are also perfect uses for this size of website. If you need or want public exposure, whether locally or internationally, having even a small website today is an absolute necessity, and this is a great choice for you!

Small Business and Non-profit Organizations

Click here to see all the Features and Pricing for our Budget Entry Website.

Please contact us to arrange a meeting and please include any questions you would like to discuss at that time!

Our Entry Level website is $640 !

Our four page website accommodates many optional interesting additions to help you. In this package you may choose to include a small photo gallery with captions, a location map showing your location, and your own branding and colours applied!